Evolucellpro is a Canadian distributor of premium mobile consumer electronic goods. We work closely with international brands on a wide range of tech products - from cables, chargers, cases and tempered glass, to wearable technology - to realize their integration with our national retailers. Our foundation is built on exceptional customer service and premium quality mobile accessories. We pride ourselves on successfully promoting our family of brands.

Innovative and Unique Brands

Evolucellpro is selective about the brands it represents. We emphasize serving quality over quantity, and carefully choose electronics goods that are at the forefront of bringing innovative solutions for mobile users. Our strong belief in the brands we represent allows us to confidently lead their products into the Canadian market with success.

Strong Canadian Retail Connections

Evolucellpro works with a multitude of local and national stores, including mobile carriers, big box department stores and fashion apparel retailers. Our mission is to bring new, innovative and trusted brands that we believe in, into Canada. We understand that every retailer has special terms, requirements and demands which is why we cater our service to provide for their needs.

Canadian Market Knowledge

At Evolucellpro, we have a keen pulse for customer and consumer demand. We go above and beyond simply selling great products to our retailers. We develop and maintain close relationships with our retailers to stay up-to- date with the comprehensive knowledge required to bring new brands into the Canadian market successfully. With this information, we are able to create tailored market strategies that allow us to accurately promote our family of brands.